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Client: The Seventh Cup

  • Branding

  • Corporate identity

  • Packaging design

  • Product photography

The Seventh Cup is a super premium tea brand that operates in a luxurious but down to earth style market with a sustainable, ethical and conscious mind set. Selling channels include high end grocery shops, gourmet restaurants and an online store.


The tea company has set out to collect their teas only from small farms (currently in India and Africa) and farm owners they know personally and who share the same ethics and values. This is how they guarantee the best possible quality and most importantly a clear consience. It’s all about transparency, sustainability and a high quality consumer experience.


The packaging design concept consists of four custom-made stand-up paper bags and a gift box concept that holds four different teas: Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea and Oolong Tea.  The materias are all natural and sustainable. The gift box contains four tin tea boxes held together by a wooden tray that can be utilized during a tea ceremony.


The visual identity was created from a minimalistic standpoint that connects with Asian and Scandinavian aesthetics. In the logo, you can see key elements of the company name/story melting together to form a recognizable icon for the company. We ended up having the icon and logotype as two separate elements that are strong enough to stand alone and still complement each other when appearing together.

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