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Client: Kulinaario

  • Branding

  • Naming

  • Packaging design


Kulinaario is a Finnish micro distillery that produces a super premium apple spirit, L’Omena, targeted to Calvados enthusiasts. Every bottle sold is numbered by hand and the actual product is always limited edition – there are subtle changes in flavor depending on annually harvested raw ingredient availability.


All Calvados products are apple spirits. So what should we say Kulinaario's product is? We faced the Champagne dilemma: same as with the world famous sparkling wine, you can only say an apple spirit is Calvados if it comes from the Normandy region in France.


To go around that dilemma we decided to let everyone know it was NOT Calvados and so the main tagline was born. Our vision was to communicate the connection and respect to the original and traditional Norman Calvados. However, after several years on the market, the word "Calvados" had to be removed. The product is now called L'Omena – This is not a Copy, but probably the best apple spirit outside Normandy .


The packaging concept was designed around the use of re-board (a special corrugated cardboard material). The design combines ruggedness and minimalism that reflect the character of the product. The technical attributes of the material result in a design that is light yet stiff and protective. The more typical box-like shape allow stacking of the product and offers great shelf visibility.


The re-board design was awarded The Grand Prix, highest possible prize, at 2015 Red Dot Design competition.

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