Client: The Long Drink Company

  • Branding

  • Concept planning

  • Corporate identity

  • Packaging design

  • Launch & campaign design for the U.S. market

We jumped in on a passionate ride with a young Finnish-American start-up company based in New York City. The goal was to bring the most popular Finnish alcoholic beverage to the U.S.. 


Being a smaller company on a very competetive market (with a product coming from a tiny country like Finland) doesn’t mean you have to act small. Creating and taking over an entire category of alcoholic beverages takes guts and we had to make sure the product came out with the attitude of a bigger player. To follow this strategy the company was named The Long Drink Company.


It was equally important to name the product in a way that would also connect with the story behind the product and draw the consumers’ attention. It had to be brief and raise intrigue in the eyes of an American target audience. We came up with a core message that took the shape of a product logo: “The Finnish Long Drink, Legend of 1952.”


We would never forget about Long Drink’s Finnish roots which is why we aimed for a modern and minimalistic yet rooted design and went for a very Finnish (as well as Long Drink-like) color palette that lives through all things Long Drink. It’s not a coinsidence that it also pops out on a shelf.

Cheers! – Kippis!

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